BackWPup Restore


This page lists frequently asked questions. The list is not final and new answers will be added regularly.

Why is this a standalone app?

This is a good question. When we decided to build a restore feature we thought of the worst case and that is, your site does not work in any way. So if you cannot access your WordPress backend you would not be able to use a restore feature within a plugin. Therefore we decided to to build firstly a standalone app, which can be used by everyone. Later on, we will integrate this feature into BackWPup to use it from within WordPress.

When will it join BackWPup?

To be honest: We don't know. Our main focus is now to build a stable version of this standalone app and make it possible for you do restore any BackWPup backup. But we are working hard to makes this app as good as possible to start working on integrating this restore feature in BackWPup.

Do I need special access to my web space?

Usually no. The only thing you need is access to your WordPress root directory for uploading the restore app. But there might be cases, where you need to change file permissions or allow file access for this app.

Is it secure?

Building secure apps, plugins, themens, and sites is our daily bread. We are concerned about your data and do everything to secure it. However not all security measurements can be done within a single app. But if your WordPress is using HTTPS and the web server is secured you should be fine.

Do I need to backup first?

Yes. To restore an old state of your WordPress site a backup made with BackWPup is needed. It is important that the backup is created with BackWPup. Backups of other plugins will not work.